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My Story...

After graduating with an MSC in Forensic Psychology, many years ago, I worked in the prison service, then alongside the police, then within the NHS. My specialisms were Family, Developmental and Adolescent Abnormal psychology, so my work was mainly with teenage addicts and their families who were involved in the criminal justice system. After a while I decided that there were too many logistical operational problems within the system that were not going away, and the support just wasn't there to enable people like me to keep working at a very tough and all-too-often heartbreaking coal face. I began to feel uninspired and frustrated with a system that had so much red tape attached to it, I felt that I would never be able to make the kind of positive difference I wanted to make to people's lives without a constant fight, and I ran out of energy for that.

So I went into business for a while but a few years ago, I got really sick and none of the medical people who examined, tested or tried to treat me could say why. I was presenting with a raft of different symptoms for all kinds of things, primarily chronic and long-standing digestive dysfunction including acid reflux, painful indigestion, irritable bowel, and bloating, but there were other issues too. I also had ballooning weight gain, a serious skin complaint, rapidly rising blood pressure, and I showed up as being borderline for Type II diabetes, even though I never ate a gram of sugar and I was eating as healthy a diet as I possibly could! I had a lot of tests that all kept coming back "normal", which was incredibly frustrating, because I was getting sicker, as the months went by, and then after a short but intense period of extreme stress that I struggled very hard to manage, everything suddenly got exponentially worse. My adrenal glands collapsed, my blood pressure went through the roof, I was three stone overweight, my mind was completely fogged up, and I was continuing to get worse. My organs were failing. I was literally dying on my feet, and all the medical profession wanted to do was keep medicating my symptoms, and increasing the meds as the symptoms worsened. It seemed they could not get to the root cause of my problems - not that they'd admit it! It got to the stage where I woke up one morning truly believing I wouldn't survive another year.

What got me well was going to a so-called 'alternative' practitioner - a Kinesiologist,who quickly identified what decades of mainstream medical practice had failed to find. The root cause of my long-standing problems was actually surprisingly simple. It was a severe intolerance to wheat and gluten.

I've been gluten intolerant my whole life, as it turns out, and while I always thought I was eating a healthy diet, containing good quality seeded breads, pastas with lean sauces etc, and consuming all manner of other so-called healthy foods that contained wheat and gluten, I was unwittingly killing my own body. My digestive system was under so much stress, trying to process what it couldn't deal with, it eventually caused my organs to react, giving rise to all kinds of symptoms that have plagued me, in one form or another, for pretty much my whole life. Looking back, I've had the kind of problems that ultimately led to life-changing operations that I may not have even needed to have, if my food intolerance had been discovered early enough. But here's the thing ... GP's are not trained properly in nutrition. They are also not trained to link a bunch of what appear to be be unrelated symptoms to one particular underlying cause they can't even test for. And they simply don't have time to sit and think about it, and wait for a lightbulb moment.

My Kinesiologist set me on the road to recovery and I'm now in a much healthier place.

Making myself fully well was my goal. I wasn't interested in existing uncomfortably on management medications I didn't even need, while my symptoms continued to get worse. I saw so many different GP's, and none of them knew what they were looking at, but that was no excuse for me staying sick. It was no skin off their nose to keep me on medicine they told me I'd have to take for the rest of my life, so I knew I had to sort it out myself if I wanted to change that, and I did, and I haven't looked back.

What my own and other people's similar journeys have all convinced me of is that we ALL hold the keys to our own well-being and it starts with taking responsibility for what we consume (or offer to others to consume) and realising that NATURAL and HEALTHY is now the way forward if we want to be cured of the medical problems that plague us or the discomfort we feel after consuming or using certain things that our bodies and our environments repeatedly try to tell us, in subtle ways we may not even be fully aware of, that they don't like or can't handle.

So I went back to school. I retrained as an Aromatherpist, Herbalist and Nutritionist, because I want to help other people like me, who know they are unwell but who are not getting the results they hoped to get from traditional medicine and wish to achieve better health by more gentle and natural means. I am also a qualified Sleep Disorder Practitioner, Chromotherapist and Counsellor.

I truly do believe that most of us, in fact all but the most seriously ill of us, don't need hard chemicals for anything at all; for our bodies, for our brains, for our environments or for our health. I also believe that much of what is wrong with many of us is directly attributable to what we consume, in one form or another, and if we can eliminate substances from our diet that create real problems for our health, and keep chemicals out of our homes and our personal hygiene by substituting them with gentler and more supportive natural products, we can all be healthier, happier and live significantly longer. I also believe that everything that happens within the body has an impact on the mind, and vice versa. So healing the whole person involves healing both, and addressing and modifying attitudes and behaviours that act as barriers to good health.

It is now my mission, through the use of natural remedies and nutritional analysis, to support people in those aims.

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