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It's NOT OK to Not Sleep Well!

It's NOT OK to Not Sleep Well!

It doesn't matter what you tell yourself, or for how long ... you won't get away with not getting decent sleep. Prolonged insomnia WILL shave years off your life.

Sleepless nights, disrupted sleep, waking too early, maybe in pain, or feeling like you haven't slept at all are truly horrible situations, but if this is y ou, you're not alone. Up to one third of the population in the UK alone are struggling to sleep properly. Not getting enough quality sleep isn't just annoying, frustrating or inconvenient for concentration, irritability, reaction-capability, the state of various relationships OR productivity and energy levels. It can have DISASTROUS consequences for long-term health. Long-standing insomnia or disrupted sleep erodes the immune system, creates widespread physiological and emotional dysfunction and can trigger the kind of diseases and illness that can literally shorten your lifespan.

The good news is that most sleep problems are relatively straightforward to treat and with new information coming to light all the time, thanks to ongoing social and scientific research, sleep disorders are becoming more easily understood. The REALLY good news is that with real commitment and dedication to following a specifically tailored, fully supported program of sleep-reset, most people find they get back what they've lost and what they really need most - better health, and greater control of their lives.

As a Psychologist and Sleep Disorder Treatment Specialist, I see and treat people who come to me with a variety of sleep problems. Most aren't aware that there are different types of insomnia, affecting different people at different times, in different ways, and for different reasons. So, in terms of improving sleep quality, what works for one person won't always work for another. There really is no "one size fits all" solution to a sleep problem. Each person's sleep challenges are unique and very personal, so each needs specific, indivdually targeted understanding and solutions.

My programs are bespoke - that is, they're tailored to individual circumstances and needs. My work with my Clients helps them to overcome all kinds of issues from the short-term, acute types of sleep disruption, which can usually be attributed to specific circumstances or events, through to the longer-term, more chronic types of insomnia which may be habitual and WILL be significantly harmful to health if left untreated.

Sleep is the fundamental cornerstone of wellbeing. Many of my Clients report that they haven't slept well for so long, they've got used to it and have simply made adjustments to cope with it. But it's not ok to not sleep well, especially over a long period of time. It's real, hard science that underpins our need to reach a certain baseline level of sleep at which we can rest and restore our organs. As living, breathing, walking, talking miracles of science, it's what we are supposed to do. Most of us are aware of the more identifiable symptoms of sleep deprivation, such as irritability, lethargy and lack of concentration, but most are not aware of the more dangerous systemic problems associated with failure to give our bodies this critical opportunity. Prolonged lack of sleep gives rise over time to chronic and potentially life-altering conditions such as clinical depression, anxiety, inflammation and chronic pain, obesity and Type II diabetes, elevated blood pressure, digestive dysfunction and other organ disruptions, all of which have the capacity to literally shorten the lifespan.

So why not book a complimentary initial consultation where you can tell me about your sleep problems? Once I understand what type of sleep disorder you have, I can then explain how I can help.

Excluding other medical complications, most sleep disorders are surprisingly straighfroward to treat. When you sleep better, you'll gain massive health benefits that will help you to enjoy better health and live LONGER. I'll equip you with all the tools you'll need to get your sleep back to being restful and supportive of your life and health - in other words, where it's meant to be.

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Click here for the keys to sleeping well, not just for now, but for LIFE!

» Click here for the keys to sleeping well, not just for now, but for LIFE! «



"Having had a consultation with Maxine I can heartily recommend her. The advice was very clear, precise and doable. Maxine asked pertinent questions without being intrusive that get her to a diagnosis. She has a warmth and professionalism about her. Thanks Maxine." J. Bell, Cumbria

"Huge thanks, love and blessings to the lovely Maxine Cook, for a really interesting and constructive SLEEP consultation! She has a wonderful way of conveying the information, with humour and a beautifully compassionate attitude. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that anyone who is battling with sleep issues has a chat with Maxine. I was stunned to discover just how many things in my life are affected by insufficient or 'incomplete', poor quality sleep... much food for thought (and action!!!) Thank you again, Maxine!" S. Betts, Durban, South Africa

"Trouble with sleep? Just wanted to do a big shout out for Maxine Cook. Had a fantastic session with her to identify some of the causes for my fitfull sleep. Her insight and wisdom is brilliant combined with her clinical expertise. She has given me loads of ideas to shift the habit of not sleeping. She is incredibly generous and I want to say a big THANK YOU for the time you gave me Maxine. If you have sleep isues, really recommend you booking a session with her." S. Riordan, Wales

"SLEEP EXPERT Maxine Cook ... THANK YOU!!! For anyone not sleeping well - feeling tired in the morning, and trying to get by.. this is for you. I am so excited and quite emotional to discover that a lot of my daily challenges are most likely caused by sleep deprivation, even down to weight loss challenges!!! F. Cassini, Wales

"Thank you very much Maxine, your help has put me back on track. I'm not taking sleeping tablets anymore. I'm sleeping like a baby and I have more energy. My wife is happier too." J. Wright, Liverpool

"When I came to see Maxine I was at my wits' end with not being able to sleep. I was taking Zopiclone every night and I couldn't get out of bed in a morning. Maxine showed me how I was getting in my own way with bad habits. She also helped me to reset my sleeping pattern and make changes to my diet and lifestyle that helped me a lot, including discovering an important food intolerance I didn't know I had. I don't take sleeping pills anymore and I have a lot more energy. I also feel I've got control of my life back, and I didn't feel I had that before." A. Davis, Worcester

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