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"Sea and Self" - Your Personal Invitation to Bali, Indonesia

"Sea and Self" - Your Personal Invitation to Bali, Indonesia

Bookings are now officially ***OPEN*** for the October 2020 Come Away To Bali, transformational 'Sea and Self Reframing Retreat'! The dates for this very special event are 14th - 24th October.

This fabulous, healing, affirming experience of love and sisterhood will be truly TRANSFORMATIVE! It MAY just CHANGE your LIFE!!!

ARE YOU READY FOR "THE NEXT PHASE"? Do you know yet what you want to let go of and 'Embrace in it's Place'? Do you have (or want to get) a clear idea of where you want to head next in your life? Do you want to change your situation, find a new direction, recover from old wounds, or move on from painful experiences? If not, this experience may not be for you. But if you DO feel ready to change something big and you want to step away from the fray while you plan it all, or if you don't yet know what's next for you and you could use some gentle, healing support to help you figure it out, Come Away To Bali and let's make it happen!

Ten full days of transformation! Come Away To Bali and rediscover yourself! This retreat promises a profound personal shift. You'll feel a lot different when you leave from how you felt when you arrived. You'll be more grounded, positive about your own future, more self-aware and self-loving. You'll head home again with a renewed sense of power and purpose. You'll have mastered meditation, found your own centre of tranquility, and you'll have renewed energy to move forward to that next phase! Life will look and feel different. YOU will be different!

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All who are booked on this event are members of an exclusive facebook private-event page where informative content will be placed each day, and where you are warmly invited to come in and interact in the run up to the retreat taking place.

What You'll Get:

* Your own private traditinal Balinese cottage right by the beach
* Gorgeous food and tropical drinks in a first class resort
* All the time you need to indulge yourself
* A host of optional, uplifting, culture-focussed experiences
* The chance to explore the beautiful island of Bali

This Bali experience is truly unique. It is specifically designed to be all about [YOU] and what [YOU] need. There will be a total of nine women taking part in this special event, including your Retreat Facilitator, with group activities on offer, such as shared meditation and healing sessions, dance, and yoga, to name a few, but the invitations to participate in any of the shared activities listed below are entirely optional, completely without judgement or expectation from the rest of the group.

Every individual's needs are different, and this is fully acknowledged and respected by all. If you want to spend ten days just walking the beach alone, lying in a hamock, or reading by the pools without interruption, that's okay. If you'd like to take advantage of all or any of the meditation, group healing circles or scheduled events on offer, that is completely okay too. This experience is designed to be low-stress and free of expectations, providing what [YOU] need to relax, rejuvenate, and go home ready to re-embrace your life with renewed energy, vitality, positivity and focus.


[It's about changing your life for the better!]

Maxine Cook is a Psychologist, Counsellor, Sleep Specialist and Healer who works with people who want improve their lives. She supports her Clients with full, heart-centred cognitive support, to explore the mind-body interactions that influence physical and mental health, understand and overcome personal barriers, and move forward with a greater sense of self-knowledge and personal potential, with real energy and new vision. Bali is the perfect place. The Reframing Retreat is the perfect opportunity. October 2020 is the perfect time, to pull it all together for eight VERY special women who are ready to change their lives for the better. <3

On the Reframing Retreat, you'll get dedicated, personal time with Maxine to explore where you're at, who you really are and what you really want. And she will show you how to get it. A skilled practitioner and trainer who has done extensive intervention work with families, people in crisis and those aspiring to better things, Maxine has complete faith in the power of human potential, and the capability of every individual to identify, acknowledge and use that potential to have the best life possible. <3

Experience the most soul-affirming pampering possible, at a luxury resort well away from the traditional tourist mecca. Come and discover the REAL Bali - where you will experience one of the most fascinating cultures on earth, along with relaxation, top-class food, and beautiful accommodation. Aside from a variety of planned, included events and to take part in that are all completely free (and optional), your time is all your own. You can spend your days by either of the resort's beautiful infinity pools, or walk along the beach, sleep late, enjoy a cocktail or two in the gorgeous gardens, or spend some quality time in the lovely spa, being cosseted and pampered in real style! <3

The cost per person is [GBP £1,495[. Please note that airfares are NOT included. You will need to organise your own flights so you can meet the complimentary airport transfer at midday on Monday 14th October that will whisk you in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle to the resort, and back to the airport again on the morning of 24th October; your last day. A late-check out can be easily organised for you if you have an evening flight home though! Please contact Maxine by private message for more details but do read through this website first for the full 'lowdown', including details of what's on offer, restaurant menu choices, packing lists, Full Terms and Conditions, etc. Its all here.<3

This Retreat offers you a superb selection of complimentary experiences, including full-body massages, traditional Balinese cooking and dancing lessons, morning meditation and sunset healing circles, yoga, tours, and indulge in as much tranquility, swimming, sunbathing and beachcombing as your heart desires! There are eight spaces only and a 20% deposit is required at the time of booking, with the balance payable at the end of July 2020.

[*** PAYMENT PLAN *** This is offered on request and at no extra charge for those who book before the end of April 2020. Please do email me now, to request more information, and find out if you and this magnificent experience are right for one another!]

In a Nutshell (or Basket-swing!)

In a Nutshell (or Basket-swing!)

What's Included:
* Airport transfers to and from Bali Denpasar and the resort
* Five-star Accommodation in your own traditional Balinese cottage with private outdoor bathroom
* Welcome Drink on arrival
* Meditation mat and sumptuous Body-care products on arrival
* Complimentary basket of fruit in your room on arrival
* Complimentary bathroom/pool slippers
* All breakfasts
* All dinners
* Two complimentary full-body massages
* Complimentary traditional Balinese dance lesson
* Complimentary Balinese cookery lesson
* Complimentary Ashtanga Yoga session with Yoga Master
* Full day-tour of the Best of Bali with complimentary lunch en route
* Traditional Balinese flax-weaving course
* Morning Meditation sessions led by your Retreat Facilitator
* Sunset Shared Healing sessions led by your Facilitator
* 1:1 time with Maxine Cook to utilise whichever way is most helpful to you
* The opportunity to visit a Turtle Conservation project
* All the time in the world to do what YOU want to do
* And ..AT LEAST ONE EXTRAORDINARY AND DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE (hint ... bring a posh frock or sparkly outfit!)

There is free wifi across the resort, and you room comes equipped with a cable-channel TV.

*** Please note that your airfares are NOT included. Organising these to time your arival and departure within the retreat's scheduled accommodation dates as specified will your responsibility.

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The Lowdown...

The Lowdown...

Bali is by far the most popular island holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago. 4,555 km (2,830 miles) from Australia, 6,752 km (4,195 miles) from New Zealand, and about 15 hours flight time from the UK, and just a couple from Singapore, Bali is a country rich in ancient culture. Grounded principally in the Hindu faith, the people are widely and deservedly known for their gentle, warm hospitality.

This beautiful island offers a consistently warm climate and plenty of sunshine, even in it's "rainy season", making it the ideal get-away destination. Bali offers exotic temples, palaces, forests, dramatic coastlines, surf beaches, and beautiful backdrops. A wide variety of hands-on industry is happening in Bali that is fascinating to see, but your gorgeous resort is far away from the hustle and bustle of both tourist and industry life.

Dining in Bali presents a wide variety of international choices, along with the most excellent traditional local cuisine. Sunrises are remarkable, sunsets are spectacular. As a place of peace and tranquility, Bali is hard to beat.

Your Accommodation

Your Accommodation

Your accommodation is a fully self-contained, beautiful, traditional Balinese cottage equipped with air conditioning, a king-sized bed and comfortable furnishings. It will also have its own poolside verandah and the best bit of all is your private outdoor bathroom with stone tub and dual-head shower. You'll have tea and coffee-making facilities, a complimentary basket of tropical fruit to enjoy on arrival, and a fully stocked mini-fridge that you can purchase from at very reasonable prices!

Believe it or not, this gorgeous bathroom is outside! Imagine relaxing in your tub, in your own private space, at the rear of your cottage, with a high stone wall to protect your privacy. You can light candles, burn incense, play music, or just lie back and let the gentle rhythm of the sea soothe you as you soak! The outdoor shower is delightful, with the twin basins and your bidet-function toilet both under a protective canopy.

Your Meals

Your Meals

Breakfasts and Dinners are included in your package!

In the expert hands of first-class chefs, you can experience true Balinese cuisine, or simply enjoy the Western options, all available from your extensive menu. There is a dedicated Teppanyaki restaurant, and 'special cuisine' nights where you can book your place the day before. Vegetarian options are extensive too! You can enjoy your breakfast or dinner at any of the tables set out on the terrace right at the edge of the beach, or up on the beautiful verandah outside the kitchen; closer to that bottomless coffee pot, and where you can watch the chefs at work. Breakfast options are comprehensive. Each morning you'll be offered a fresh juice of your choice, along with a platter of prepared fruit and as much tea or coffee as you can drink. You can choose your other breakfast options to be the same or different each day, depending on how you are feeling.

Like everything else at this wonderful place, meals are a very relaxed, enjoyable process!

Let the Ocean Speak To Your Soul

Let the Ocean Speak To Your Soul

Your resort is right at the water's edge in a very secluded part of the island, several hours away from the madding crowds. It's the "real" Bali - surrounded by local villages, sea and lush tropical rainforest, with only the sound of the ocean and the birds to disturb you.

You'll go to sleep to the gentle, soothing sounds of the sea, and wake to the joyous musicality of native birdsong. What could be more relaxing or more beautiful?



This beautiful resort boasts not just one but TWO lovely infinity pools, with sun loungers and/or basket-beds alongside, so you can relax and watch the ocean, and take a dip whenever you fancy. One pool is accessible by a shallow water-corridor right from the door of your cottage, so you can get into the water straight away and swim to where it opens out to the full pool, and provides you with a stunning view of the sea and coastline.

The other infinity pool is a short walk away, just on the other side of the spa. Both pools are fully serviced by bar and kitchen staff, so you can pick up a poolside phone and order a coconut drink, coffee, wine, or anything else your heart desires, to be brought straight to your lounger!

Both pools overlook the ocean, and there is also a safe swimming spot just along from the resort, if you'd rather take a dip in the briny.

Your SPA Options

Your SPA Options

The Spa at this resort offers world-class facilities.

As a special guest of the resort you'll have a couple of complimentary hour-long massages (yes, really!), delivered by very experienced massage therapists, which you can book to have whenever it suits you.

Also on offer are beach-side or medical massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, hair services, and there's a Hammam room available too. The cost for these other choices is extremely reasonable, and that's why many guests treat themselves to at least one full, top-to-toe pamper session while they are here.

At the end of your complimentary treatments you will be offered a lovely warming herbal spicy tea, to round off a most profoundly relaxing experience.

Complementary beach towels are provided for you to take to the pool. It's just a short few steps from your lounger to the beach, where you can take a walk at low tide, investigate the rock-pools, look for shells and driftwood, and just enjoy the gentle lull of the ocean waves.

When you're ready, you can wander back to your lounger for another lie in the sun or take a fresh-water dip in the pool. The pools have buoyancy bars and boogie boards, so you won't need to make much effort at all, to enjoy the sensory experience of floating around, surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful, tranquil place.

Your Day Tour

Your Day Tour

Experience The Very Best Of Bali With A Day To Remember and Cherish!

Your complimentary tour showcases the very best of this beautiful island. You'll get to visit a beautiful Balinese temple; a truly spiritual experience. You will also get to visit a working coffee plantation and learn how coffee is made.

The best bit is the taster platters offered free of charge, so you can try the different flavoured teas and coffees produced on the plantation using the various herbs and spices you'll learn about as your guide shows you around!

There's a shop onsite, where you can purchase the products made there, and also buy the plantation's locally produced essential oils which are lovely, and very reasonably priced.

Bali is well-known for its artists, and there are more diverse types of art emerging on this island now than there ever have been before. It's an exciting time, and your tour takes you to an extraordinary art gallery, where you can experience the diveristy of styles that represent the artistic talent of Bali's artists young and old.

You will also visit the rice terraces near to Ubud. Rice has been the staple food of Balinese people for thousands of years, with the local people generaly eating it three times a day. Many still plough their fields with water buffalo, in the time-honoured, traditional way. Rice is a very successful, quick-growing agricultural commodity, grown with a truly spiritual connection between the rice farming communities and the sacred earth.

Having the Heart to Haggle!

You may perhaps be pleased to know that retail therapy is part of your tour experience! We'll stop at a bustling handicrafts market, where you will have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs such as spices, gorgeous textiles, intricate basketry, beadwork or wooden/bamboo products, to name a few. Its a frantic place with a busy pace, and bargaining is essential if you want to feel you've got good value for money. But with locals happy to haggle, you can have a LOT of fun!

Your tour also takes you to a very pretty, grotto-like forest, teeming with cheeky monkeys. They don't mind at all being photographed, however they're a bit less happy about human contact - unless its them approaching YOU, to try to steal your hat or handbag! You'll have to be on your guard against that. They're called 'cheeky' monkeys for a reason!

Around the entrance to the monkey forest there are a few traders selling textiles and other souvenirs, so it's a final chance to make a purchase before heading back to the resort, where you'll arrive well in time for dinner.

This tour showcases the best of beautiful Bali. It is a long day, but it does include a lunch stop, where you can relax, recharge, splurge on a cocktail or a lovely fresh juice, and enjoy a complimentary two-course meal.

Delicious and Delightful Free Extras

Delicious and Delightful Free Extras

Your airport transfers to and from the airport and the resort are complimentary. You will be met at the airport by your driver who will offer you a complimentary bottle of mineral water and whisk you away to the resort in a fully air-conditioned vehicle. You'll have plenty of opportunity to see 'normal' Balinese life, as it is for the local people, as you pull away from the tourist areas and head towards the less-populated, more dramatic coast.

On arrival at the resort you will be met by the staff who will offer you a tasty "Welcome" drink, and you will be given a selection of lovely Humble Apothecary hair and body products, and a meditation blanket for use on the beach or in your yoga sessions. These things are yours to keep.

As part of your package, you will be offered two complimentary Aromatic full-body Massages, each lasting an hour and 15 minutes, and you can book these at reception whenever you like. At the end of each treatment, you will be given a wonderful warming herbal spicy tea, to complete this relaxing, healing body experience.

You'll get the chance to learn to dance! Dance lessons are completely free for you at the resort, and you will learn how to move to traditional Balinese music in a gentle way that will still stretch and tone your body. Once you have learned Balinese dance, you will be able to incorporate it into your usual fitness routine. You will be offered Balinese music on a complementary memory stick at the end of your dance lesson.

A free cooking lesson is also available to you, where you can join the chefs in the resort's kitchen and learn to cook a traditional Balinese dish of your choice from the selection on their restaurant menu. They will show you how to use and blend your ingredients to create a delicious, satisfying meal that you will then be able to enjoy, either on the restaurant's sea-facing verandah or at a quieter table down by the water's edge.

You will be offered a free Ashtanga yoga session, delivered by a Yoga master, in a beautiful meditative space within the resort, after which time you can use the area whenever it is available, for private yoga or meditation sessions. Group sessions will also be available, subject to demand, which you will be welcome to join.

You will be given the opportunity to learn the beautiful craft of Balinese flax weaving. This ancient art is done principally by the women of Bali to create decorations for weddings and other events, and to make small and intricate baskets that will then be filled with flowers, to give as gifts or offerings to the Gods at the small shrines around the resort.

There is a small free library at the resort, where you can pick up books to read or leave any you have already read. Several different languages are catered for.

You will be offered the chance to visit a turtle conservation project, and in return for a small donation to the dedicated team of volunteers who are trying to grow and save Bali's turtles, you will be allowed the privilege of releasing baby turtles into the sea. It is a profundly humbling experience, to help these little creatures begin their lives in the vast ocean.

Guided meditation sessions will be held every morning on the beach (tide permitting) or elsewhere in the tranquil, flower-filled grounds of the resort. You can attend these or not, as you wish.

Shared Healing sessions will be held at sunset each evening, for anyone who wishes to take part.

On the last evening at the resort, the group will be treated to a very special Balinese Farewell Dinner, complete with traditional music and dance.

Optional 'Pay-For' Extras

Optional 'Pay-For' Extras

A host of other activities are available to you at the resort for a small charge. These include:

* Surfing
* Body-boarding
* Fishing trips
* Kayaking
* Sailing

Other half or full-day tours can be booked at reception, in addition to your complimentary day tour. These include:

* Rafting
* Diving and snorkelling
* Visits to waterfalls and volcanoes
* Shopping in Legian or Kuta.

In fact, almost anything you might want to do, as long as it is possible, we will find a way to make it happen!

Things you need to know...

Things you need to know...

This retreat experience runs from 13th October 2019 (departure from London Heathrow) to 25th October (return date into London Heathrow) 2019, inclusive of travel time and ten days in a five-star resort.

While breakfasts (including tea and coffee and your morning fresh juice) and evening dinners are provided with your package, all other food is chargeable to your room, along with any drinks purchased. Similarly, any spa activities you have, outside of your two complimentary massages, will be charged to your room. Anything charged to your room is your responsibility to pay for at the time of departure from the resort.

On arrival at the resort you will be shown to your cottage, after which time you can do whatever pleases you, as you can for most of the ten days at the resort. The exceptions will be minor, but they are as follows:

1. The first morning, after breakfast, there will be a group meeting which you are requested to attend. This meeting should only last an hour or so, and it is the opportunity for the members of the group to meet officially, tell one another as much or as little about themselves as it feels comfortable to do, and make the primary connections that will facilitate the group to function well and supportively for the duration of the retreat.

2. The full day complimentary tour is for all group members, to take advantage of on the same day, so the day of choice will be decided at that first meeting, with the majority vote prevailing. The tour will need to be balanced with the staff's opportunities to provide the other complimentary offerings included in your package, so you will need to accept them at the times they can be offered to you.

3. The trip to the Turtle Conservation Project will take place only once, being fitted around other scheduled activities, so if you wish to go, you will need to be available to do so when the opportunity arises.

4. The beach or garden meditation sessions will run every morning for forty five minutes, straight after breakfast, which finishes at 10.00am. You are INVITED (but not 'expected') to attend.

5. You will need Indonesian Rupiah for the all-day tour, to cover things like purchases at the coffee plantation (although that facility does take card payments) and the handicrafts market (cash only) and for the turtle sanctuary, if you go, and you wish to make a donation to the conservation effort there. There are money changing booths en-route to the resort from the airport, and your driver will be happy to stop, if you let him know you need to when you set off from the airport. The currency conversion rates are fairly consistent and reasonable in most places along the way.

6. A sunset 'sharing session' of healing and support will take place each evening in the resort garden before dinner, or on the beach if the tide permits. You are invited to attend.

7. You are requested to attend Dinner as a group on the final night at the resort.

As you can see, there are just a couple of events that you are 'requested' to show up for. Everything else is entirely optional for you.

Price on Request (it depends where in the world you live!).  Please email for details.

» Price on Request (it depends where in the world you live!). Please email for details. «

The Legal Bits...

Before booking, please call 07580 258 323 to check availability.

Health/Fitness & Liability Waiver

 » Health/Fitness & Liability Waiver «

Please click here to request booking form

» Please click here to request booking form «

About your Retreat Facilitator

About your Retreat Facilitator

Your fully-insured facilitator for this beautiful experience is Maxine Cook - Psychologist, Counsellor, Holistic Therapist, Qualified Meditation Instructor and lover of all things Balinese!

Maxine says "I know the island of Bali very well. I have spent a lot of time on this beautiful island, over the past fifteen years, and I understand the people and the culture of this beautiful, gentle place. This makes me the perfect Facilitator for your Balinese experience.

"As a Psychologist and Complementary Therapist who has had to overcome some difficult health challenges of my own, I am also well aware of how important relaxation and meditation are to wellbeing, and how we all too often get submerged in meeting the needs of others, to the point where we are completely depleted, ourselves. We cannot pour to others from an empty bowl, and that is why your Bali experience will be focussed on what YOU need, to replenish your own beautiful bowl of giving and support to the people in your life who need you.

"I will provide opportunities for you, most of which will be absolutely free for you, and all of which are designed to relax AND uplift you. I will show you the delights of nature, and demonstrate how powerful they are in recharging and replenishing you. I will show you fascinating wildlife, so you can rejoice in the beauty of other species who share our planet. I will show you gentle exercise, healthy food, opportunities to learn, heal and grow, through yoga, meditation and shared healing experiences, all within a gentle, warm culture of kindness and respect. And of course there will be shopping. And I WILL have a good stash of chocolate too!

"This time is YOURS alone. You can participate in as much or as little activity as you wish, on this retreat. I have found that different people can have very important and very different reasons for Coming Away To Bali. Everyone's experience will be unique to themselves. It NEEDS to be, so whatever you want to do is just fine.

"My promise to you is to work with you as much or as little as you feel you need, to make sure YOUR experience is as close to perfect as it can be, within the circumstances that are unique to YOU.

"I'm so looking forward to sharing this very special time with an amazing group of women. I know that every woman has something wonderful to learn, teach and share on this experience.

"Won't you join us? We'll be chilling out, of course, but we'll also be making memories to last a lifetime. I hope to see you there."

Will This Retreat Be the Right Experience For You?

Will This Retreat Be the Right Experience For You?

Almost definitely YES! Whether you've been on dozens of Retreats already, or have yet to experience one, I provide a nurturing, supportive space, in a beautiful place where women relax and unwind, and rediscover themselves. Some will even transform their lives through their Retreat Experience. The only thing we need to decide together is whether you will get the most out of it, and we can do that in a short, warm conversation where you can ask me any questions you have. I'll ask you a few too, and together we will decide if this experience is the right "fit" for your needs.

Register Your Interest

Register Your Interest

What price would you put on your health and well-being? It's a hard question to answer, isn't it?

The investment you make in yourself on this retreat is one that you will reap the benefits of, tenfold. Maybe more. And it's equally hard to put a price on benefits, especially when it comes to mental and physical health, transformation, a new direction, a new beginning.

The great news is that a payment plan is offered to enable you to far more easily take this opportunity.

The Come Away To Bali Retreat is an exclusive opportunity to embrace relaxation, take time to breathe, to reflect, and maybe to contemplate past journeys and future ones. It's a place where you can maybe accept and reconcile old wounds and leave them in the past, or simply just take important time to relax with only yourself to think about for a while. Maybe even use the opportunity to decide what you really want the rest of your life to look and feel like - to BE like, going forward.

Please click here to register your interest

» Please click here to register your interest «

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